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Find Your Peace

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ECG Wearable

Learn true calmness with real-time biofeedback of your nervous state.

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Finally take mindfulness into your everyday life.


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Build calm and resilience for yourself or your team.

How it works

The Rooftop wearable measures and feeds back how your heart reacts to your breaths and current mental state. There is no better way to learn a healthy breathing and a calm mindset.

We provide free content in the app and online to support you. You can for instance practise a few minutes per day, live during your yoga or qigong session or even in realtime when you work, gym or when listening to music.

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Order your device here. You get free access to Rooftop's app Linkura and the content on our YouTube channel. But you can of course use the device together with any online content or during your favourite live practice. We currently distribute to Sweden but contact us if you live elsewhere.


Rooftop on YouTube

Learn more how it works by visiting Anders Tjernvik's YouTube channel.

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For Teams

Rooftop for group training

Check out our online course "Resilience Boot Camp" for groups or teams interested in this new way to learn calmness and train resilience.

Minimum 5 participants. The course is in Swedish. Contact us to order or with questions.

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Interested in the Linkura Stress Check?

Our classical and highly appreciated three day program for groups that map out stress and inspire change. Curious how it works? Watch our movie.

Minimum 20 participants. Contact us to order or with questions.