Introducing Rooftop Resilience

A New Chapter for Linkura

Learn calm breathing with Linkura’s new Biofeedback exercise

Finding time for recovery in a stressful life is a major concern for many. Now we are launching our proposed solution for easy recovery that can fit in a stressful lifestyle. With our device and new Biofeedback exercise you will learn how to breathe in your daily life to achieve the recovery you need.

Explore our new app

We are introducing an exciting new version of our app that helps you with personal development and stress management. We have created a more user-friendly design where you can easily gain an in-depth insight into the data from your body. We have also introduced new and exciting functionality such as the ability to measure stress and recovery in real time, as well as a way to measure your stress resistance – through a so-called “resilience test”.

Engagement at work and the effect on HRV

Engagement at work creates employees who both perform and feel better. This way you can reduce stress and increase both commitment and well-being.

Feel better with the help of biohacking

Biohacking is about gaining an understanding of the biological systems in the body in order to optimize both health and stamina.

Measure your HRV and reduce your stress

An efficient way to measure stress is through measuring HRV.